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We place thousands of shipments a year with quality carriers experienced in handling full and partial loads. Available equipment options include dry vans, refrigerated trucks, flatbeds, RGN and special hauling for our valuable client dealing in.


Fresh meat that is to be transported by road using refrigerated trucks, the transportation of meat is quite crucial and the handling and storage of the meat is specific for quality of the meat during delivery. The mode of transport that carry meat, are specifically designed for carrying meat and the container or the freezer cannot carrying any other goods.


Groceries are one of the vastly shipped products throughout the states and are mostly shipped in both dry vans and reefers. Special precautions are taken while shipping groceries depending on the nature of the product shipped.

Poultry, chilled or frozen

Poultry is highly perishable, and when stored under warm temperatures bacteria would grow rapidly on the warm meat. The chilling temperature is maintained throughout the subsequent processing, handling, transport and storage as a way of preserving the poultry meat.


Basically these are types of food that are known for the highest perishable type of good to be transported in the transport industry. Every kind of produce requires its own specific temperature during storage and transportation because they differ in what temperature is favorable to each of them. This means the time period between the harvesting and the time of consumption is quite limited so they are transported by reefer truck services or vented vans.


Seafood has been in high demand in the market due to its nature of having high nutrients and having a wide variety in choice. Reefer shipping has been the key benefit in this business because most of the processing of these foods from the fishing/harvesting to its storage is done on sea before it reaches land. In some of the reefer shipping, most of the processing is done in the ship, procedures used in fish like the removal of gut, scaling, cleaning to packaging which leads to the storage whereby in this case is refrigerating accordingly.


Lumber is wood that has been processed into beams and planks, a stage in the process of wood production. Lumber may be supplied either rough-sawn or surfaced on one or more of its faces on flatbeds and sometimes vans. Straps and tarps are needed in most of the shipments


Pipes are one of the main components transported throughout the states, Depending on size pipes are produced in coils or in straight lengths and bundled together in bulk packs or loaded on the trailer in strip load on flatbeds and sometime in van. Special precautions are taken while hauling pipes as tarps straps and dunnage are required:

Heavy Hauling

Heavy hauling trucking has special trucking requirement for legal and overweight loads. Our diversified fleet of heavy haul trailers will not only meet your needs for all flip tail or RGN type trailer loads, but our specialized heavy haul trailers will meet the requirements needed for your extra-long, -wide, -high, & super heavy hauling “moves” that fall outside your normal lowboy trailer capabilities.

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